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Feb 17, 2013 6:30pm EST
and cbs golf. ready to stay home with his wife diane. i don't blame him. it's not easy, the journey every week packing up and moving on to the next site. but he's certainly left his mark and he's brought so many of the shots that you've seen through the years, he's provided them to the world through his eyes, through his lens. and we're going to miss him. the schwartzel putt coming up will remind you a little bit of what we saw here last year. these two know that there's going to be more golf, merrick and beljan. and a playoff will commence at the 18th. and should it go beyond that, 10 and then if necessary 14. and then rotate right back through 18 again if we have to. the question now, will this be a two-man playoff or three-way as it was a year ago? simpson and haas will both have putts for birdie and if they hole them will finish one out of that playoff. and really the only one that factors in to who takes home the trophy is this man charl schwartzel. it is a familiar putt for us, isn't it? nick: we've seen this many times over the ye
Feb 9, 2013 6:00pm PST
in a plane and sendome us to where we need to to >> reporter: diane and robert's month-long vacation to south robert america has been delayed. >> if our flight tonight leaves if at 10:55, we will have been atat the airport for 30 hours. >> reporter: what's that like? li >> it's-- if i never see j.f.k. for a while i'll be very happy. >> reporter: saturday is considered a light travel day,ravel and that could help the airlines as they look to get back on as track before the sunday evening trac rush. jim. >> axelrod: thank you, manuel. let's turn now to meteorologist jeff biardelli.rologi you have been a weatherman nearly 20 years and have seenrma things you had never seen before. >> looking at the radar yesterday i was amazed howav bright the colors were. r at times it looked more like a hurricane than a blizzard. lo notice all the bright reds appearing.notice a that's something you see inreds strong thunderstorms and all and those bright blues, that's very,ht very heavy snow.vy s in fact, we'll zoom in a little bit closer and notice over long island and connecticut, the really deep
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)